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Southern Geothermal is the CSRA's leading Geothermal Installer.

As a WaterFurnace GeoPro Dealer we are dedicated to keeping our Company at the top of our industry. GeoPro Dealers must meet a higher standard than a regular dealer. We must maintain a high customer satisfaction, have multiple years of experience, receive continuous training and agree to sell a certain amount of WaterFurnace Systems.

Why you should consider Geothermal for your next Comfort System

Heat and Cool your home with your own back yard.

Geothermal systems save energy and slash electric bills while cutting greenhouse gas emissions. You will no longer have an unsightly noisy unit in your back yard. All equipment is located inside out of mother natures wrath. Most WaterFurnace units will also heat 60% to 70%of your hot water for a fraction of the cost of your hot water heater. Geothermal units also require less maintenance since there is no outside coil to get clogged and dirty. Geothermal systems also heat and cool better than a conventional system while also de-humidifying much more efficiently.

What a Geothermal System Does

Geothermal systems provide heat in the winter and cooling in the summer, at efficiencies that are far better than those for most alternative systems. Like conventional heat pumps, they are essentially air conditioners that can also run in reverse to provide heat in the winter. The primary difference is that they rely on the nearly constant temperature of the earth for heat transfer instead of the widely fluctuating temperatures of the outside air. That is the key to the geothermal unit's surprising efficiency. As a matter of fact, the E.P.A has identified geothermal systems as the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective conditioning systems available.

Your yard retains energy from the sun and stores it, just like a big battery. Geothermal systems simply take this energy and transfers it into your home either by heating or cooling your home. Also, there is enough energy left over to basically heat your hot water for free. By using this method instead of trying to capture heat from the cold air in the middle of the winter, the way an Air Source Heat Pump does makes geothermal systems up to 70% more efficient than any other heating and cooling system. Contact us 706-294-9535 or

Southern Geothermal Service

When you have a problem

Were here to help you when your Geothermal system is not working properly. Sometimes its a defective part, a damaged loop, bad pump, or a system not installed correctly. Give us a call we can usually have you back up and running in as little as 24 hours. . 706-294-9535 or

We cover most areas of Georgia and South Carolina. Our Shop is located in Thomson Georgia